Open clothing stores need to pay attention to the problem

a lot of people want to start, in the choice of project time is to see the clothing industry prospects, this is indeed a very good industry, now many entrepreneurs are looking for projects, see the clothing market demand is relatively large, have opened a clothing store. But we have to know, now entrepreneurs everywhere there is a scam, accidentally, it may be deceived. Here to give you a look, open clothing stores to pay attention to the problem.

in accordance with the company’s so-called division of regional operations. Margin and a commitment to return, the form of return in the form of goods. If you join, they say to refund the deposit condition of them. Not to say that you default, then you do not meet the sales amount of their requirements, in short, will do everything possible to make it so easy to get a deposit, otherwise it will be returned in the form of goods. Not cash.

has received a fee to join the case: there are a number of franchisees who said they received a fee to join the company to get the product. Such as a few new stores in the company’s posters, racks, billboards, batteries, etc.. But joining fee increase than this thing to send more than high. If you join the small even if it is, there are a few companies that professional cheat to join the fee, move that tens of thousands of, so be careful. Such a company to send what kind of things will be worth tens of thousands of it?

if you look at their website and want to know a few of them to join the board of directors, call the company, they will not wait for you to ask what you say if you have a hobby to the company. You want to think, to their land, then they decide. How to cheat is normal. So if there’s a company that says you’d better come and take a look at it, be careful. Maybe you have come to their company will not join the valuable time and money, but also a lot of ah.

If you ask

some careful, they have not what successful clothing stores, on the other hand, there is no phone, they won’t tell you the answer, then to form a unified company to inspect, or tell you that is far away from you, they just don’t want to let you go look, don’t want to let you understand their situation from other forms. But if you really want to know I have a way that you can go to Taobao, I believe will be able to find such a franchise in the online sales. You’ll be able to find their clothing store and call again. I walked a lot of stores that found in this form.

shop is actually very simple, but the business is not so simple, we need to pay more attention to the time, clothing stores in the decision, we either find brand or business, must be cautious. After all, entrepreneurs need investment, which have a certain risk, hope everyone can seriously, not as a joke.

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