Petty profit websites were plucked by Baidu

my station called hot video network, I started a month ago, do you have to find a space station right, but very poor man can not afford, hundreds of dollars a year in space, corn one yuan a fairly affordable, for n days, finally found a left behind in there a month of the space, the space of 500m ten to twenty yuan a month, the feeling is affordable, but also can try, when the trial speed can also be felt, I began to bind corn, increase the content of modified templates. Second days GG is included hundreds of pages, by a very simple station! Want to do it for a week or so, Baidu also included hundreds of pages, I use the new cloud core acquisition function, but rarely use the collection, update a few videos a day, change the title of the video, to find a few high PR Web site links, almost a month Baidu included on the 5000 day from Baidu to IP 700 to about 800ip, I have not done a new website experience, can CN meters achieve such results, of course feel cool, one day can do GG earn two or three knife.

but just a few days ago, the site space business did not notice in my case stopped one day, I asked him to upgrade the space business service, the second day I search on the GG at my station showed that the site contains a malicious program, I am dizzy ~ then I asked the space is not upgrade when is a horse, the space said no, then I ask my station for a long time, he said that your website is linked to the horse, and then I see my web page at the bottom of the code is a code and then I put this line of code to the space business, they said nothing. Only is some brush flow code, I though I had not done what station when I was silly B ah, then I realized that the space he hung horse today, the thought of space for the morning of the two day together to have a look, all of the sites included, even home were all 100 Zero degree, sad Oh, a month of hard white busy live, here is not convenient to say is the space business, and I like to remind new friends, when selecting a space not petty, especially on pay, also let me remember a word, save in terms of investment are the most wasteful, the first time I write something bad, please understanding

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