Will Sheng nternet DigiCert certificate price OV certificate only 1799 yuan

users will now buy Sheng Internet DigiCert SSL Certificate (https://s.bisend.cn/digicert-ssl-certificate), enjoy the highest eligible 66% off, only 1799 yuan / year. Will be interconnected with the world’s top SSL certification service providers, is committed to providing domestic users with low-cost, high-quality protection SSL certificate products.

must be interconnected, DigiCert

DigiCert is the oldest CA Certification Center in the United States, providing users with SSL certificates and management tools and other security solutions. DigiCert offers high quality certificate products for GitHub, PayPal, IBM, BMW and Facebook and other Fortune 100 enterprises to provide security services.

DigiCert client

will hold Internet now provide three DigiCert hot certificate, EV certificate and OV certificate; among them, DigiCert Plus SSL (EV), certificate as low as 2899 yuan / year, and support the green address bar, computer and mobile phone browser, operating system support 99%. The DigiCert SSL certificate provides a higher amount of insurance, and $1000000 provides a wide range of safeguards for the security of your web site.

must connect Internet DigiCert SSL certificate

in addition to Symantec, GeoTrust, DigiCert and other well-known SSL Certificate (https://s.bisend.cn/ssl-certificate) discount activities, will be Sheng interconnection of Hongkong hosts and domain names and other products are worth exploring. Will be interconnected Internet new generation of virtual host 71% less, as well as new top-level domain name,.Top and so on, only 4 yuan / year!

if you have any problems in purchasing products, you can contact the Internet official website customer service (www.bisend.cn page on the right button), we are at your service.

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