Sky bus network replacement domain name experience sharing

first hand only a.CN domain name, domain name is in accordance with my name homophonic 5 letters combination, originally intended to do blog use, has not bought decent space, domain name will be shelved. Last October, because of learning a little SEO things, want to learn in practice, so there is the impulse to do the site, the domain name on the start, an American space to stand on the line. The result is "punishment on impulse", "how can I submit, how to update, Baidu is not included.".

later let SEO group of experts give me analysis, there may be these reasons:

1. new station content is not substantial, title, description and other changes frequently, the site is in the Baidu inspection period;

2., Baidu’s attention to foreign IP must not be comparable to that of domestic;

3. has too many stations on the same host, and there are all kinds of garbage stations, even se Qing stations;

first because I waited for half a month, the situation is still behind the two… I was incapable of action, after consideration, decided to buy virtual host in China, had just received the domain name service provider email saying cn is not registered, I then registered Sky84.CN, which is now the sky bus with domain name.

record after I put the site back online, the original domain name to do a 301 redirect to the new, the beginning of a new round of long wait, every day is to update the article, see Baidu, Google included, Google soon with a new domain name page to replace the original Baidu, but soon included. However, the old and new domain names together, and the main domain name included very strange, as shown in figure 1:


diagram 1

new beginning I didn’t care, think this is Baidu has not updated, silently waiting for the next update, more than 10 days later, the domain name contains the content, but the snapshot is before the last time I change the title, as shown in figure 2:



diagram 2

, and the old domain name snapshot is my latest home page, snapshot date is within a day, this is section 16 section diagram (and Figure 2 at the same time):


diagram 3

observed a few days, found the snapshot or update only the old domain name, I began to wonder whether there is a problem with my code 301 (because the host does not support, I wrote in the program), but Google and several other engine and response to normal, really depressed.

yesterday, looking at Baidu on new, old domain names snapshot date contrast, finally unbearable, to the old domain name analysis delete >

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