Travel website how to design two domain name reasonably

as the tourism industry involves "lodging, travel and entertainment, etc., travel sites typically Line Road page, page, hotel, car rental sites page page, Raiders news pages, destination guide page, in theory, these classifications are relatively independent, so often in the two level domain is designed by means of URL.

, but for different types of travel sites, the two domain name should be set up, how to design properly, are relatively headache. Among them, the most important reason is that the small and medium-sized tourism website itself is insufficient, and the two domain name is easy to make the weight dispersed, and in the form of directory, it is not easy to expand the website information. Next, I will take poly road travel network as an example, to share my experience in designing two level domain names.

way travel is a medium-sized tourism website, content in line, the news page, destination, travel, and these pieces of content are relatively independent, and has abundant content, so this will be because these pieces are used in the two level domain. But because the product is the tourist routes, and the news page is always there are in the format of the catalog, so this is the two part of the directory structure, and destination guides and travel notes, content and structure is relatively more independent, considering the two block of users and search engines are more important, so we used to design two domain name.

here are a few points to note:

1, the content must be rich enough to use the two domain name (except for extensive parsing). Otherwise, the main station correlation is easily affected, and the weight is scattered seriously.

2, the content must be relatively independent of the main station to use the two domain name. Otherwise, there may be search engines do not include two level domain name.

3, Chinese Web site of the two domain name, it is best to use pinyin to name, so that user-friendly memory. (except for the English word)

4, two domain name is equivalent to a new domain name, the weight of the transfer will be affected, the development of the site will be relatively slow, need to prepare ideas in advance.

5, two levels of domain name can not access each other, otherwise it is easy to be convicted of cheating.

several tips for travel:

1, when we need to compete keywords, the opponent is using a two level domain name or top-level domain name, when doing, we can reasonably use two level domain name for operation.

2, the site is currently under 10000 pages, please do not use the two domain name, but should be around the main station to start content, and other related content for a temporary use of two levels of directory. Such as hotel, car rental.

3, regardless of the two domain name or directory, are subject to a strong correlation with the web site. If the content to be added is very weak or even less relevant to the topic, a new top-level domain name is recommended

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