Two years haven’t been successful How long can walk

I am not what scholars, and eloquence are not good, but I still want to write my story to share and share in the station, had written several articles, are talking about how to do, yeah, people must learn to stick to this is my site two years of experience in these two years I ask from everywhere utterly ignorant of the stage, promotion to do a simple little website in advance to successfully made the first website, go to work to abandon this station, then continue to be in the station, on and off, it is also a variety of themes from the start entertainment station, to the mobile phone to the station joke station along the way, I harvest is not adhere to the truth cannot succeed.

two years time is not long but short but not short, give yourself do not hold up is, that is not a way to black, look at me now, can be said to be devoted to the site’s career, I pour it is my heart, a heart full of hope, but now, for 4 months, still the effect is not very good, although this is the best result since I do website, ranked 600 thousand in the world, the PR value 2, I asked too high or it does not do it, I have more snacks the lack of feeling now, every day in writing non-stop, because the original site is to survive this, so we insist on writing, to enrich the content of the website, can be 4 months of site traffic is not great, is my article not attractive or website style Or is the positioning is not accurate, for 4 months at the poor traffic, looking at the poor income, I want to say I really want to give up! Put most of the time every day in front of the computer, change the code, write operations to the website, I don’t need what big success only hope you website really love, because I am hard to do, but why is it so hard, how long I can hold on??? Always encourage themselves to succeed, work hard, now have a feel like giving up, but don’t feel again as before to give up when prompted by a sudden impulse doing, give up halfway again, how can I


produced numerous mark in the brain, remain perplexed despite much thought, finally I don’t understand it, I do in the heart to do it, I try to learn site knowledge, to encourage friends and their website into original works, I think others do clever high IQ, 1 hours a day you can take good care of the website, I am simply stupid every day to pay, pay twice as they, I do not believe that I am not successful, I will not insist on holding out. Because that’s me, and it’s the survival force of Mars’s healthy living network. Adhere to adhere to insist, I will use my success seriously for 1 years, even if it is probably 10 years or more, but at least I’m still unremittingly also chose not to give up, but I really want to ask you to look at my website, some advice for my website, because I really want to know what it is insufficient, many parties do. Thank you all, my QQ4100853>

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