Website is the most important flow or conversion rate is the most important

a lot of people are doing the flow of the master, I admit, because I also encountered a lot of this aspect of the expert, but I would like to ask the traffic so alarming, finally all are just a pop, a substantial income


used in a SEO training team, a teacher said, in the network, only rely on the flow to do pop, is most people do not make money, I also know what is right, but it is like this, with a few friends to do a few video chat site, daily traffic did not add up to more than 2000IP, but the daily income is over 100, of course I am not saying much, just say the relative flow of brothers, I want to pop is a bit better than


may be someone doesn’t believe it, but there are a lot of ways to make money online. Why do you just want to do this by traffic,

?We do the final purpose of

flow should be in order to income, I think we should pursue income or, to have a high income, we must improve the conversion rate of the site, the most direct way is to your site keywords search engine front row, the best conversion rate is the highest after that, you can choose to sell products or cooperate with their channels, I think your income will pop to more than.

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you still do not believe, I suggest that you can add QQ, the site has been left, by sharing their own experiences, more is to want to know some friends together to do station, together with high income.

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