The future of the nternet needs to be returned

the southern part of the December 2008, winter seems to be lazy pigs, and refused to come, in this big trend of the economic crisis, there is a hint of warmth!

!What is the

twenty-first Century network needs talent? What is the actual needs of the 21 Network website? The answer is definitely a substantial website rather than what the SEO website, try to think of all the major sites at present, whether it is the sky download, Hua Jun download, Sina, 17173, QQ nets are actually need to fill the contents, collected sites are always to be eliminated, because the site has been very popular, maybe you just still in the field of farming, but who would expect the next second you will update your site in front of the computer


acquisition station will make the contents of a large number of repeat, this is SE very disgusting, will not only allow users to search a large number of duplicate content, but also occupy SE expensive disk space, so the acquisition station landing search engine of hope can be said more and more small, if this is just a symptom, the future is certainly not landing SE because only the algorithm is getting better and better, no SE will be bigger and the


wants to survive in the new world of Internet is not only a few trash can continue, maybe you can this one or two years, maybe you 18, 19 years old, but you can guarantee that in 2009, 2010, 2011, or 20.21.22 when you say you can feed your trash and you should go? Learning time is already in use on the network. You will become a loser, to change the fate of knowledge, without knowledge or technology to be sure in the future by the rapid development of the economic society rushed to the shore, and then slowly ran aground to death! Remember Qinnengbuzhuo


why Title Future Internet need to return to the original return? In 2006, a popular collection, very happy, do a website imitation template, 1 days on the acquisition can do that a station, so many people are collecting the magic to confuse, this is always the quick success of the performance, is a very good network culture, overseas acquisition station is not what chance of survival, can only be used to do optimization! Of course is not to say 100%, but in the future, I want to be


we China webmaster must get rid of collection, farewell collection complete, CMS is a framework, since there is a good framework for why not actually make your website? Haven’t a station more than 2000IP owners think last year, what have you done? If you spend 1 years the time to write some titles, keywords, description, serious update now you will fail


Refueling, boys! The songs are not sung? Not good man, do not say hard, and every day just to spend 2 hours to update, and update the soon to be K, K soon and then collect what does that mean? Can raise your life? You can raise a woman for a lifetime? Can you keep a lifetime COPY>?

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