Open shop pay attention to Taobao’s six big don’t you shot

open shop you pro, you find the off-season way? No traffic, no consultation, do not sell orders? In fact, there are opportunities and misunderstanding, if we can avoid misunderstanding, it will be a small number of detours, even in the off-season can also find a way. Taobao’s "six big don’t", don’t shoot!


one, a lot of shelves baby

a lot of sellers at the moment to get the goods, put in the hands of the baby all the shelves of all, whether it is one hundred or two hundred. In fact, this is a fatal mistake, the official has a shop on the sales rate of support points, more than 50% of the sales rate will be weighted to support shops, shops also have half of the products to break through zero sales.

a large number of baby shelves, contrary to the official rules of support, lost the store on the pin rate control. We can look at counterparts, selling treasure, in fact, just three or four models. So don’t throw away official support directly because of a lot of shelves.

two, focus on shelves, baby

has many sellers who love to shop at the same time and start waiting for customers to buy it. But can it really wait for the seller? If it goes on at the same time, it will lose another official support: the baby is on the shelf. On the day when the baby is near the shelf, you can boost search rankings and category rankings and increase exposure.

if the same time shelves, and their baby will be vicious competition, so to batch shelves, the shelf time stretched. And at the same time, up and down the baby, do not compete with the same long tail word, otherwise it will form self competition in the shop, two baby can not get the ranking.

three, copy the title of someone else’s baby

believes everyone has had this idea. The baby is similar to my baby and sells well. I copied his title directly, so I can’t use it to improve my sales,


actually, this is wrong, although the other side is a high quality, high sales title, but the official will not recommend two similar baby on the home page and on the same page. Because your baby weight is far below the already selling baby, will lead directly to throw away natural free search traffic, lost search traffic, it means bad Taobao.

for small and medium sellers, the most important channel is free natural search traffic, and its core is Title optimization. Never be wise, be wrong by cleverness, and once you copy, you are wrong.

four, supply selection is not careful,

in Taobao shop, although the threshold is very low, but the low threshold does not mean good to do, open online shop can not be blind, can not see others, a product sold well, that the market is good. Good sales must have been accumulated for a long time, so we have to select the products we sell, choose products that have market space, tap high-quality and competitive sources, and find the real ">"

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