New flowers talk about website updates

popular skinny to today has grown for nearly half a month, in this chat, flower this novice is how to update popular skinny Everyone knows people Baidu Google ah love new content, new content, but every day which come so much so, most of them are to change others, but also not to mention, change, and change into a new article.

did the station for the first time, did not do well, and Huahua didn’t have any experience. You may write these several years ago feel stale things, please do not joke, I barely see, as a pastime and encourage novice, thank you in this flower.


finds an article that he thinks is valuable and friends like to read, I usually copy it into the editor and edit it.

The first thing

needs to change is the beginning. In general, I will make an overview of the whole article, what the whole article said, we read this article, you can know what to learn. This seems straightforward and more interesting to others.

secondly, I want to change the content of the article. I usually read it myself, with my own experience, or a little advice. Sometimes it changes the content of the article. Sometimes, it will find some beautiful pictures on this beautiful photo of all. There’s also time to take only a part of someone else’s article, make a little change, and then publish it as a whole new article. In short, that is, can change, change, can move to move.

again, it’s the end of the article. You can make a summary of the article as a whole. Because I do popular skinny is a weight loss station, so I often add some blessings, I wish friends slim success, and so on.

, finally, is the title of the article. The topic is very important. It usually combines the content of the article and presents an attractive topic for the article.

now, my dear popular skinny Baidu only included the home page, I think it should be in what we call the Baidu sandbox. We have the continuous attention, webmaster Doug help, and my own insignificant efforts, I believe that popular thin will certainly pass the examination of Baidu.

thank you very much for all the flowers and flowers written here, as a novice, Huahua there are many places do not understand, I urge you to exhibitions. Flower in this sincere world friends, with the world is willing to work together with the master of the world, but also sincerely invite everyone with me to witness the popular thin growth process.

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