Zhou Xiaoguang China jewelry industry big sister

entrepreneurial success, can completely change a person’s life, for example, the hero of this article. One hundred yuan started, now the annual output value of one hundred million; from the beginning of the breadth of the country huolangdan pick   village girl, now to the international market has become the Chinese jewelry industry "big sister" – the market economy, the tide, in Zhou Xiaoguang’s interpretation of a wonderful story of wealth,   a development of an entrepreneur moving index.

ten years Liantan, dug the first pot of gold

1985, ran the dock Zhou Xiaoguang Sanjiang six married people in Dongyang also sell embroidery Yu Yunxin. After marriage, Zhou Xiaoguang told her husband that she wanted to settle down. As a result, the two   took out all the savings in the past few years, in the first generation of Yiwu commodity market to buy a booth. When selling embroidery in the northeast, they see the Northeast women love wearing   brightly coloured headwear, Zhou Xiaoguang with the women’s sensitive and also the beauty of nature, selected jewelry business. < >

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