The school take measures to promote college students’ Employment

to solve the employment of college students is an important task of the provinces or autonomous regions, but also the inevitable development of the work. In order to catch up with the process of innovation and entrepreneurship, Inner Mongolia Hetao institute take measures to promote the employment of College students.

one teacher professional from the original 3.5+0.5 mode gradually transformed into 3+1 mode, in order to promote the practice of the work carried out at the same time better, timely and effective docking with the employment market.

four are graduates of "one to one" assistance measures to be put in place, according to the professional characteristics, according to their own wishes, to help students design jobs, graduates employment tracking records, work together to do graduate employment assistance work. At the same time, the Department of the Department to create a strong atmosphere of employment and entrepreneurship, the formation of all people pay attention to employment, health and employment are concerned about a good situation.

3 28, the first phase of college students entrepreneurship in formal training classes. According to the plan, this year will be held 10 training, training of 300 college students.

have such a set of help college students’ employment policy, believe that university students will actively participate in the business to provide suggestions for the better development of Inner Mongolia.



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