During the 13th Five Year how to deal with the problem of entrepreneurship

double start has been more than a year, starting in the "13th Five-Year" stage, our young entrepreneurs with a rare opportunity. How to look forward to the future of entrepreneurship in the new situation, is China’s young entrepreneurs need to think and solve problems.

2014 in September, Li Keqiang in the summer of Davos public forum issued a "public entrepreneurship, innovation" appeal, Chinese officially ushered in the "double" era. For more than a year, the "double" work to fruition in the country, many young entrepreneurs in Chinese fourth venture tide set sail, A fighting spirit soars aloft. Perfect business support mechanism, improve the "double quality" has become an important basis and guarantee to promote the economic transformation of the key.

so, the Central Committee organized the "entrepreneurial outlook" 13th Five-Year "on the road" forum and the establishment of China Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship investment alliance, China youth entrepreneurship mentor group, to absorb a wide range of opinions, to listen to the experience. A "double" 2 "era is coming to us.

based on "five tasks" and "management" will become the new economic growth momentum

18 from 21 to 2015, the central economic work conference held in Beijing. General secretary Xi Jinping delivered an important speech on the relevant work in 2015 made a systematic summary of the economic development trend in 2016 and the task of an important deployment. Both for the current comprehensive deepening of reform, to promote economic restructuring of the macro environment to give guidance, but also innovation and entrepreneurship, structural adjustment and other specific issues put forward new requirements.

2016 is the "13th Five-Year plan" the first year, the comprehensive deepening of reform will be the main theme of the times, on the basis of structural adjustment, promote the optimization of increase reform in all areas of the work has become a pressing matter of the moment. As one of the country’s economy in the new year, it is bound to find the results of the existing reform experience, grasp the lack of a series of major social reforms.

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