Small business can make a lot of money

business is big is small, but is not to say that the only big business to earn money, some people with little money can earn a lot of money, small businesses can also earn a lot of money, why do you say so, small businesses are generally low cost but return to the fast, today to speak is a big family I do is a small business is to earn a lot of money in the story.

1997 years, was the city of Shandong, Linyi labor model Zhu was laid off. 1999, Zhu was taken to relatives in Shandong, Pingyi, passing by a piece of Hawthorn forest, see a farmer in the chopped hawthorn, a large number of previous years, Pingyi hawthorn trees, resulting in Hawthorn surplus. Because of a loss, farmers had to replant other crop trees are cut down. Zhu Chengxiang, this was a good raw material of hawthorn Tomatoes on sticks ah, to five cents a kilogram price to buy 9000 kilograms of hawthorn.

spent nearly 3 months time, Zhu was finally made its first nuclear free ice Tomatoes on sticks. In order to innovation, Zhu was naturally not satisfied with the current situation, once again, to see his son to eat moon cake, she suddenly had an idea: it can fill something inside Tomatoes on sticks? With the help of her husband, she gave the place filled with nuclear Tomatoes on sticks to chocolate, jam and even cooked chicken, beef and so on. She put the sandwich and take Tomatoes on sticks to the elder sister and father a taste, did not say bad


in this way, a group with "zhulaoda sandwich ice Tomatoes on sticks on the ice Tomatoes on sticks the successful listing, and has its own registered trademark. She used the loan money to rent a large house, the acquisition of production tools, hired a few people, began the entrepreneurial path. The products listed in just one day, 700 sandwich ice sold Tomatoes on sticks. In this way, Zhu ping shot a shot. From the winter of that year, Zhu was recruited, rushed to the country. Through the efforts of boss Zhu "sandwich ice in Shandong, Jiangsu, Tomatoes on sticks gradually in Zhejiang, Hunan, Sichuan and Xinjiang and other more than and 10 provinces and autonomous regions, the development of more than and 100 dealers and agents, basically formed its own complete sales network.

then, Zhu Cheng has launched a series of "Zhu boss" boutique sandwich ice Tomatoes on sticks. They use ice cream packaging technology, the exquisite packaging sandwich also Tomatoes on sticks; according to the characteristics of the traditional ice Tomatoes on sticks is not easy to save, the success of research and development of new sugar "sandwich ice Tomatoes on sticks". The biggest feature of this product is that it can be kept at room temperature for 3 months without sugar, and does not affect the quality and taste of the product. It is with this spirit of continuous innovation, Zhu boss’s assets have exceeded 20 million.

usually go on the road to see the people who sell Tomatoes on sticks everywhere, why only the actor can do it by selling Tomatoes on sticks to become millionaires? Scared by his wealth, he had not thought of how much blood to pay for this entrepreneurial road, do not always recommend

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