Summer students can sell information and experience to make money

is about to enter the high school student for countless party, in addition to learning pressure tension, for more people, if you can get the seniors about learning information and experience, will really be a valuable asset. So, in the summer, for countless students, in fact, can rely on the sale of information and experience to make money.

This idea is

for college students or college entrance examination after the man said, because you have your entrance experience, you can review the information integration of you, or your notes, book to your mentees sell, because they need it, there is your examination of the learning experience, in fact this is your capital, if the geographical environment is good, is a school near your home, you can open a tutor class, to the way they sell your own data.

and if you have your own computer, you can run the similar like you to sell online information, because this is more convenient and no what cost, but this is the students need most, because they want to understand college or university life, they need to experience.

implementation steps:

if you have a computer, you integrate your own notes to sell.

there is a school near your home, open a family education class, earn some tuition fees by selling their notes.

neither can be considered to stall.

college entrance examination has been carried out for a period of time, the first batch of students admission notice has basically come down, the long summer vacation is not only fun. Have to spend all kinds of information to do not just throw a pity, might as well sell, you can also earn a fortune oh.

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