What are the benefits of store installation monitoring

is now almost no matter whether the size of the store is large or small, will install monitoring, which has almost become a common practice in the industry. Why do you want to install monitoring, in general, the role of monitoring is to prevent and security, in some places may also be open to the customer as a work transparency. In our retail business, the main role is to reduce disputes. Inevitably encounter this kind of embarrassed thing in the daily operation, and each store more or less there will be some security risks, the installation of surveillance cameras can reduce the loss to a minimum. Monitoring through the network, no matter where you can control the property in the palm of the hand. Monitoring is the necessity of social development, monitoring the personal safety and property safety of the binding together.

anti error: monitoring to make more than a security

retail business, will face the same life every day, but also with a variety of skills to win over customers, especially more intuitive is the spoken language and body language, these heavy repetitive work, inevitably forget the payment or change, but suddenly encountered errors, not high quality customers or is more acute sub customers will dispute or quarrel, this is not a retail households own quality problems, this is the work pressure and fatigue caused by long-term results.

remember that one time, I came to a shop with a child to the woman, she is also an old customer, so everyone in the middle of the shopping from time to time to chat a few words. Checkout, I vaguely remember that she gave me fifty yuan, but the other said it was to give me $one hundred, but this time it came to a lot of customers, maybe I really remember it, for the first time when the one hundred yuan to find her.

later I think is wrong, then check the video playback, watching the video of the scene, she is determined to fifty yuan, so I put the video on the other exists in U. After a few days, she has not appeared, but almost every day to see the child, my husband and I as a professional ethics, never mentioned in front of the child.

do not know how long after, the woman finally appeared, I treat her to buy things when the end of the account, the video open, clearly play out the scene so that she can not refute. This case shows that retail surveillance can avoid unnecessary arguments, effectively restore some of the losses caused by negligence. Of course, this passive approach is because I am convinced that the woman lived around me, if she was just a passing word, everything is impossible.

: anti stealing monitoring let people have an ulterior motive stopped

at the beginning of March this year, we opened a new store, the store will give her husband. Often purchase, I was in the old store unified purchase, and then sent to the new store. That day I was also used to be old

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