Little charity can also help store operations


business said, "good". And whether this is true or not, but if we can often do some good deeds, small acts of kindness may also bring a big return, so that a better business. In this paper, the introduction of such a case is very clear that this point, below, let us come to know.

11 at the beginning of the day, the sky snowflakes, a more than and 60 year old woman in the shop after the wife asked her husband: "great nephew, you sell gloves? I’m cleaning out. It’s freezing." Her husband was wearing thin clothes worn sanitation work, ask, know she is a new residential cleaning staff. She looked at the red with cold hands, husband moved suddenly sympathy: "aunt, I have a lot of their own home, you don’t buy, buy you a pair!" "Great nephew, thank you very much, you are a good man, and now you are not as good as." The mother-in-law took the gloves and thanked her.

husband told me about the matter, and I not take it seriously. A pair of old gloves, give it to those who need to help her out of the cold, very good, not worth mentioning.

a few days later, I had forgotten about it. This time, because the sales volume increased, the waste paper box poured a lot, and waste collection because people are rarely out of the acquisition of the cold. The house is full of goods, I pour out the waste paper box did not place, looking at the accumulation of waste paper box, I worry, do not throw money, my mom will be angry, but also wasted. Do not throw, I sort them every day, they have to die.

when I am upset again and again toss these boxes, the mother-in-law appeared: "big niece, you waste paper box is no place to put?" "Well, there’s no place to go." "So, you weigh, while for me, I can help you to sell. I can not to make money, is your nephew very good man, that gave me my gloves……" Listen to her say so, my heart is full of moving, if she really can help me sell, really helped me a lot.

scrap prices continue to decline this year, a lot of waste collection because the money can not make, are diverted. Before the store poured out these scrap buyers eyes popular, now has already become a hot potato in No one shows any interest in, I call people have come to close, this not only has been bothering me during this period, I had become a daily operation in the heart. Now, some people take the initiative to help me solve, how can I not be grateful?

but the more I want to help my mother, I am more embarrassed, how can I have the heart to let a man of such a large age for my duty every day? Finally, a compromise, such as those sold to the buyer, so that she can make a difference. In this way, she can help me to get a little extra income every day when I sell the waste

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