The restaurant is a strange way to make you relaxed discount popularity

discount is not unusual, nothing to a discount or vouchers back, but there is some restaurant dishes not only personal independence of conduct, innovation, and even the way of discount but also pay attention to the little rabbit out of the ordinary, pinch, if girls, must be birthday……

1, birthday send affordable

2, is a girl on the discount

3, is a fellow discount

here in the shop Roasted Whole Lamb great background, Inner Mongolia is not only the lamb of Boer goat, and in order to remove the smell of mutton, feed to add herbs store prepared, even drinking water in Inner Mongolia is the natural spring water, this "spoiled" sheep milk plus original store the closed oven technique, stunning is expected in the tender and delicious. In addition to roast lamb, the characteristics of Shandong Jiaodong seafood and traditional cuisine is delicious will point. Even more exciting is that you can also enjoy a rare roast fruit, Shandong wild vegetables and insect game, more mountain recommended

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