How to set up a successful venture cheats Terry Gou on the road to success

as today we see innumerable small businesses, are difficult problems and complain about the same, but 35 years after what would happen? Perhaps 35 years can not see the gap, but a few decades later, how much of these small companies can make big business? What is the role of small firms in the middle of big business?


2008 in the Department of Hon Hai arising from the financial crisis and the challenges of the economic downturn, Terry Gou again returned from retirement plan, plan two coming again to work 15 hours a day, the energy to 59 year old old guard. 2009 semi annual report shows that in the first half of 2009 after tax net profit of 28 billion 400 million yuan,  , beyond TSMC NT $26 billion. For this year, he is confident that, even in the case of recession, the entire group’s turnover will be between 60 billion -650 million.

learning capacity: larger find chance

1983, Hon Hai on the use of imported equipment in Japan, the development of the first batch of connectors, officially entered the field of PC, Hon Hai entered a stable period of 20% annual growth. In five years, Hon Hai has grown into a company with a staff of about $1000 and an income of $250 million. Terry Gou did not slow down, he observed, investment opportunities, entry into Shenzhen, the use of land, human resources, a day after the development of the most important Foxconn production base.


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