How will flow change sales

Internet business, Internet marketing, is now more popular market, is now more popular business, Internet marketing, want to expand the market, expand sales, traffic is very important, it is critical. However, the flow of light, is not enough, more important is to flow into sales, how to change the flow of sales?


in three days and two nights of network marketing training courses, we will transform the definition to "customer order" this link, after which customers access to business information through Internet connections and business contact through in-depth understanding of product sales information, as the implementation of network marketing effect.

the construction site must have credibility: let customers trust

to you

· enterprise introduction is too simple, sloppy

· contact is not complete, especially the lack of office address

· interactive features can not be used properly · site exposure is not updated for a long time signs

· home a large FLASH animation

· into your site simply can not find the information you want

· product description incomplete

if you enter a website, you certainly want to find yourself looking for things, if you click three times are not found, may even lose patience. An urgent search for potential customers into a product supplier site, may not have the patience to go through layers of directory search rummage, but by. At this point, the station search function is powerful, easy to use, will directly determine whether the site can get this purchase target clear customer inquiry.

Product introduction:

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