Learn to do with the sale of taro

is a grey wolf cartoon character now is the fire, not only children, many adults also know that this is a cartoon character like this, who has a lot of places that we can learn together, may wish to see how with the gray wolf do sales!

in "advertisement" to find his son the gray wolf, grey wolf wrote: "find the wolf, height: three apples……" In accordance with the habit, we describe the height, must be based on the scale of cm or inches, of course, very professional, very academic, but how did not have three apple such a language to impress people.

chat before, most afraid of and IT industry friends, the long term they let me hear foggy, unintelligible. Unless you are a physicist, you must not clear, the so-called "relativistic" true meaning, but Einstein used "with a beautiful woman, you feel that time flies too fast; and you don’t love a woman to be together, you feel that time getting slow." This simple language image interpretation of the connotation of the theory of relativity, the so-called art, great form is beyond shape!

if the customer asks you: "what is the insurance?" How do you answer: "insurance is the responsibility, insurance is love, and insurance is protection……" Oh my god! Don’t you think it’s boring?

if you like to explain, take out a face value of 5 yuan and a 100 dollar bill to put in front of the customer, the customer said: "what is your usual deposit insurance, this 5 yuan, a crisis insurance company immediately for you to create the 100 yuan in cash; if you haven’t met the danger, then congratulations, insurance companies in the future will bring you the deposit money with interest to return to you." Do not sell insurance, to sell cash, no one does not like money, you want to sell a lot of cash.

A, a customer said: "I hate insurance, unlucky."

I then said: "the insurance is an opening, birth and death, disability, hate, like the toilet as people hate."