Teach you to start marketing zero Foundation

a lot of people think marketing is very simple, that from the Internet to see a course or reference to a book can easily get started, in fact, did not imagine the marketing so simple. Enterprise marketing is a very practical work, so the first step I would like to advise people who have this idea as soon as possible to dispel the idea. Today, combined with their own experience, to give you some suggestions for reference.

to enter the general marketing novice has 2 kinds: one kind is (to be) just graduated students, regardless of whether the marketing professional, all entered the society from the beginning of 0, the vast majority of books or theory of grassroots experience; the other is working for a period of time, want to come up from the other job transfer to marketing. Maybe they are before the sales, customer service, accounting, teacher or design and so on, have work experience but no professional experience. So how do they start?

into the circle should pay attention to choose, what do you want? There are several types of China marketing circle, some local grassroots, most of these people are early Internet hype several kinds of experience from the Navy and focus attention on the effect of brand marketing; a class, these people are a group of foreign companies earlier in the marketing, brand marketing and understand, now there are still some people also joined the 4A interactive marketing come in, their characteristics are good at starting from the brand marketing, a relatively complete set of theory system, this kind of enterprise general tall love play; Institute of research, which many people don’t have deep enterprise experience Hailun, but the trend of research at home and abroad.