How to do a good job with the jewelry store salesperson

for investors to open jewelry stores, want to better operate, in the final analysis or to be based on the market, only to win the recognition of consumers, in order to better shop and achieve long-term development. In a specific process, businesses need to enhance their management ability to ask, to provide satisfactory service for the customer, now we have from the salesperson and the customer how to carry out the communication perspective, specific analysis.

1, the first


between people, or far or near have a psychological distance between relatives, friends can be very intimate, psychological distance is very short, very close. However, the salesperson and the customer is not the case, the customer into the store, in particular, has never visited the store customers into the store, always with a strong sense of security, lack of security.

and the reasons, may take to buy a piece of diamond is ordinary customers a year or even longer time savings, consumption do not carefully! Especially to buy this diamond himself very do not understand the goods, this awareness will be more strongly. To recommend their products to customers, you must first understand the needs of customers. To understand the needs of customers, we must understand the customer’s psychology, know the customer’s real desire. Then targeted to promote.

first contact with customers, not too warm, so as not to let its produce to prevent psychological, often visit your shop regulars, salesperson can loudly greet customer service, asked him what he needed, be sure to let customers have a Guests feel at home. feeling, will create a friendly atmosphere from the start of sales. For the initial contact with the customer, should be the first time let him feel that you have noticed his arrival, the store also are ready to serve him, but patiently observe customers move to focus attention to the change his eyes and facial expressions, constantly looking for the method shorten the psychological distance with customers.

when the customer is close to your counter, you can use the light more than watching him, once found his eyes relative with you, you smiled and nodded and said: "Welcome" or "please look at the changing" courtesy and the like, and pay attention to observe the expression and the sight of the customer where do the communication with customers to. After observation and listening, the salesperson should show the goods to the customer in a timely manner, what is a good time to close to the customer? One of the following performance of customers is to show customers the opportunity to

2, product promotion

, of course, some customers may worry that you want to remove the goods because he launched a fierce sell and resolutely refused, should respect the views of customers, continue to enjoy at the same time, in the appropriate range with a gentle, gentle recommendation