How to operate small jewelry store

how to operate a small jewelry store? Many franchisees have doubts about this issue. To attract more customers into the store to improve the success rate of the transaction, this topic has always been the focus of discussion. Xiaobian share a few suggestions, I hope to help you. Let’s have a look.

The commodity structure adjustment

second; suppose you a day of turnover is 1000 yuan, ten yuan if you sell goods to sell 100 pieces, there are so many customers in your shop every day? If you are selling 100 yuan of goods only need ten pieces can reach 1000 yuan turnover! Of course you not all customers buy 100 yuan of goods, and that the customers are few, but if you can do this a few people are attracted to your shop to buy it for you too much. We used to do business is the seller’s market, that is, what you have to sell goods on what goods; and now is the buyer of the harmonic. 80% of customers need 100 yuan of the following goods, 20% of customers need a better goods; there you can also be subdivided, such as 10-30 yuan what percentage, the percentage of 30-60 yuan and so on, all these need you tired and analysis in actual operation.


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