What are the business of cigarette formula

now many people are complaining that the physical business is more and more difficult to do. In particular, retail owners, cigarette management is more and more difficult. Indeed, the real business is not good to do, however, if we can grasp some business secrets, hot business can also be carried out very well. In fact, if the operator experience you should know, an industry of any business, there are some formulas can grasp. So, what are the cigarette business formula?

the current social economy is slightly warmer, but the overall downward pressure is still large, the terminal consumer enthusiasm is not high, stimulating consumption is not novel and so on is still troubled by the further development, we are facing the same environment, it has become the key to success or failure of the details, through the operation details to find suitable for their own business model in the increasingly fierce competition in the market, let the operation to achieve the reverse, let the store expert in making money is particularly important, the author, through market visits, and retailers in exchange, sorting out a source of five details in the cigarette retail terminal formula".

detail 1: specification of "business sense"

business awareness how to embody? In fact, is a result of internal and external, the inside from the owner, the boss has always maintained a sense of norms and law-abiding business, outside is reflected in the formation of a consistent consumer reputation. As everyone knows, "false, private, non cigarette brings only short-term sales, illegal profit, standardize business can make shop business benefit from life, it is a" horse "thing, not a matter of impression. So, the cigarette business attention to detail, we should first do is to maintain a strong, consistent from beginning to end to standardize the operation of consciousness, and to eliminate all the gifts do smoke, smoke, smoke and reflux of high imitation fake private non tobacco, tobacco enterprises develop from the purchase of local habits, to further establish the integrity management of the store image.

details 2: good customer relationship

visits, often hear the words of a friend of retail households mentioned – "La home". Popular point of view is in the process of selling cigarettes, by listening to the words of consumers, consumers are interested in the topic of excavation, in the process of communication, the process of giving a timely response and response. As everyone knows, in fact, consumers with Lara homemade fun to communicate is to enhance the customer relationship, I maintain guest emotion in my effective way; the owner to solicit opinions, please provide consumers with advice and suggestions, is to show the image of the store clerk reflect the quality; in communication, listening to continuously improve the quality of service, mining demand information is the best time promote the store sales.

details 3: appropriate recommendation ability

recommended ability, popular point is the brand sales promotion skills. Cigarette business seems simple, but there are many inherent rules and techniques. Facts prove >

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