Why college students choose to shop online


graduated college students now, some people will choose to go to business, which, through people network business is a network at the same time There are plenty of people who, the field of entrepreneurship for college students is relatively easy to success.

7 the people’s Daily reported on 28, China employment promotion issued 27 project report, by the end of 2014, the shop direct employment amounted to more than 10 million people, including college students entrepreneurship shop driven by employment of about 6 million 180 thousand people, the contribution rate reached 60%.

in the background of "public entrepreneurship, innovation", why so many students choose entrepreneurship shop? Network threshold is low and more tricks is a reason, more freedom and self count from the independent entrepreneurial space. I know some open shop students, their main idea is "not so simple trouble, afraid the entity, this fault, tomorrow the cable card, I can not stand.

the data for us to think, at present, some local governments for college students’ entrepreneurship, showed an increasing concern and enthusiasm, policies and measures, it is positive and beneficial, deserve some praise and support. But at the same time, should also pay attention to a degree, not too much force, the government in promoting entrepreneurship innovation must find their own position, attempts by the government to a powerful force to hold, and tube of entrepreneurship, the starting point is good, invest more, the results are not necessarily good, because this is clearly contrary to basic law entrepreneurship and innovation. College students entrepreneurship is a good situation can not be achieved by the government to build, but also can not be the birth of money or housing and long reminder, only in the natural growth of the market in a natural fit. This is the former science and technology minister Xu Guanhua repeatedly warned the government not to grow mushrooms". He believes that the government’s position is to create a good environment. With a suitable moisture, humidity, light conditions, such as the environment, the mushroom will naturally grow out.

of college students, the government need to do is to provide a more relaxed policy environment, for example, the relaxation of entrepreneurial freedom in occupation, individual workers and small micro enterprise management in tax breaks, "let go" and how? In the management, such as accreditation, the relevant departments should be sincere to provide convenience, or simply do not disturb them, open a recommendation

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