What are the principles of foot shop name

wants to let the store have a proper name, in accordance with the relevant principle is actually a very important thing. After all, the name is often based on the principles of the development of the industry as a whole summary. So, what is the name of the principle of foot shop? The following Xiaobian introduced whether these will give a foot store up a suitable name help?

first, to reflect the personality and uniqueness. Any name has a unique personality, not with any other name repeated. Foot shop names have a unique personality, have their own characteristics, can leave a deep impression, in order to make people easy to identify.

second, to contain the meaning. The name of the foot store not only to its business philosophy, activity recognition of unity, meet and reflect the foot store concept, but also to reflect the foot store service, product image, make people see or hear the name of the foot store will be able to feel the foot store business philosophy, can produce pleasant Lenovo, have a crush on shop. This helps to establish a good image of foot shop.

third, should be concise and lively. The name of the simple, concise and lively, consumers easily readable and easy to remember, and consumer information exchange. This requires that in the name of the design, it must be loud, easy to open, a sense of rhythm, so there will be a communication force, so that the foot shop and consumers to communicate and communicate with each other.

fourth, to be standardized. Foot shop name must be standardized, should try to move closer to international practice, and strive to standardize the unity. At the same time, it is necessary to register its name in a timely manner in order to get the protection of the law.

grasp the relevant principles, so that shops can have a better name, which is currently an investor in the pursuit of any goal. After all, the development of the brand name but has a very big influence. So, with the contents of the above mentioned, now if you want to give the name of the foot shop, you know what kind of principle can grasp it?

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