Square dance aunt who brought a burst of business

can not underestimate the square dance aunt who, they can not only in leisure time jump, at the same time, also can drive the development of many industries, the explosion caused a lot of business. In this article, the small series will introduce to the square dance aunt who brought good business explosion.

square dance is the entrance to connect 100 million aunt, but also indicates a wide range of business opportunities. Obviously, some people have seen the dance itself just need to determine the Nuggets single product market.

according to statistics, the square dance three major equipment clothing, props, audio, a year of the market size of 2 billion yuan.

Huang Qingqing realized this after

85. He felt that clothing is a relatively easy incision, low price, high consumption, high demand. 2011, Huang Qingqing opened a Taobao shop, monopoly square dance costumes, although the business is good, but he found that the network is easy to sell the consignment model by the supplier constraints, unstable supply will affect the business. As a result, he simply opened a square dance clothing factory, design production and sales through-train, the development of independent brands.

want to square dance clothing to sell, it is not an easy thing. To this end, Huang Qing sent designers and workers into the square dance aunt inside, collected a critical user information:

– 60 to 70 year old aunt is more than a preference for national dance music, and under the age of 60 popular dance music. Benchmarking, love dancing "dazzle most folk style" aunt, clothing style emphasis on national characteristics, sequins, printing and other elements of popular love; "little apple" aunt pays attention to the young and fashionable upper body effect, so the more favorite sports leisure type, cotton and breathable fabric is exquisite. In addition, the size of the set is also very particular about, aunt who is not as young girls so slim, generally do not like the tight style, so the basic loose in the code and large code based.

user portrait, Huang Qingqing can according to different groups and dances, the corresponding design styles. At present, Huang Qingqing’s "Fu dance" has more than and 200 styles, the production capacity of 1000 pieces, and can according to customer demand for customized. In addition to its own direct shop and physical stores, he also developed a network of more than and 200 distributors and dealers in the more than and 40 entities, the annual sales of $7 million.

According to

Taobao released "2015 Chinese Internet consumer trends report", a set of precise consumer formula of square dance costume: 62 yuan, 42 yuan on the dance shoes or downloading, 90 yuan, 50 yuan package dance accessories, 151 yuan costumes, which can be calculated, is 437 yuan the old "dance Lin master standard.

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