The state of enterprise development stage should be analyzed from two aspects


  if only based on the Quin model to the company’s main leaders to understand the different stages of development of the company’s main features and claims, which is obviously more one-sided. We can see this problem from two aspects:

  of course we need to summarize the development process of enterprise culture, grasp the leadership style and ethos, the company at the top of the   it must be bad coexist, the only effective screening, reasonable sublation, in order to ensure that enterprises get healthy and long-term. Therefore, in addition, we must also change the overall trend of the macro environment and the scientific and in-depth study on the outside of the development trend of related industries, overall strategic concept of enterprise, research on modern business rules and human needs, and then found the company’s existing in the reactionary, backward, missing elements, and to abandon, repair and optimize and improve in the process of concept construction. At the same time, the excellent elements to be further clarified and solidified.

  in accordance with the overall strategic needs of the development trend of the industry and enterprises, in line with the modern basic business rules, meet human needs of employees, coupled with the spirit of enterprise and historical heritage of the management team, but only do these points, deviation of the guiding concept of will.

  the company’s leading understanding, ideas and ideas is very important, but we must remember that corporate culture must not be the only boss". I believe that this is neither scientific nor what the boss wants to see.

  we often say "Every bean has its black". The enterprise’s success in the past to verify the entrepreneur existing intelligence value, however, the world is developing, some entrepreneurs may not be able to fully comply with the wisdom of future macroeconomic situation changes and long-term development needs, otherwise, will not be born with occupation managers group, and the biggest characteristic is that enterprise scale and stressed that "team the power is higher than all".

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