The most awesome 2012 The early bird catches the most profitable project

is not the opportunity does not hold, see you have no opportunity to "love" super ability, you can insight into the upcoming 2012 business opportunities? Then in 2012 the latest venture is what? If you want to The early bird catches with Xiaobian, then quickly to see 2012 new venture


People with

the pet market in our country almost in short supply, considerable profit. At the same time, pets are living, you need to regularly feed a certain amount of food, but also requires the consumption of a variety of peripheral equipment, which is more profitable businesses should pay attention to. Experts predict that, in addition to cats, dogs, fish and other traditional pets, China’s potential pet market is currently 15 billion yuan to wait for excavation, by 2010, the number of Chinese pets will increase to 1. 500 million, pet industry sales are expected to reach 40 billion yuan

now runs a clothing store in the business at the same time the elderly, profitable elderly solve the difficult problem of clothes. Entrepreneurs should pay attention to the elderly clothing styles, fabrics, color preferences, suitable for the elderly to wear and reflect the characteristics of the elderly clothing. As some of the solemn business suit, suits, jackets, coats and so on, can also operate some shoes and hats, ties, scarves and other elderly living goods, can also operate the elderly favorite fabric, sewing master please one or two good old clothing for the elderly, custom clothing etc..