Britain’s millions of people regret

an event that has been the world’s attention, the United Kingdom has been decided to end the referendum referendum. However, this result not only brought about a turmoil in the development of the world economy, but also caused a lot of people to go back on the UK, and even millions of people regret to cast a vote off europe.

23 in the United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union in the referendum, triggering a political reshuffle and economic uncertainty in the UK, more than 1 million people have voted to take off Europe ticket regret.

also re referendum difficult comeback

British Shen Wei survey 25, and the company for the daily mail online poll results show that more than 1000 respondents, 7% said regret vote off the European vote, the 93% still adhere to the "take off Europe" vote, the 26 still adhere to the". According to this proportion, the regret of the removal of Europe to reach 1 million 130 thousand voters.

however, even if the re vote, "Europe" is also difficult to comeback, because 4% of the respondents have cast "Europe" votes, equivalent to 696 thousand people. If the referendum again, stay in Europe, the school will still be less than the European faction sent about 400 thousand people.

23 day of the referendum, take off the euro 51.9% votes, stay in Europe accounted for 48.1% of the vote, the former than the latter about more than 1 million 270 thousand people. Voter turnout was 72.2%.

why some people go back to Europe

Before the referendum was held in

, the British "Europe" and "stay in Europe," the support rate has been deadlocked. In the removal of Europe, the results announced the same day, a lot of stay in Europe supporters feel unacceptable, some people did not go to the polls regret.

Nicholas, a citizen of

, said in an interview with reporters that he had a hard time accepting the bitter results and still can’t believe the fact that Britain is about to leave the eu.

After the announcement of the results of the referendum

, most people were shocked, and even a lot of support to take off the Europeans who are deeply surprised. The same day, there are second public referendum petition initiated. British Parliament website data show that as of the evening of 26 Beijing, the petition for a referendum on the United Kingdom once again has more than 3 million 400 thousand people.

petition mainly from southern England and london. In the second referendum held in the requirements of the people, both dissatisfied with the results of leaving Optima, who have gone back to take off the Optima. Go back, take off Optima, said he did not understand the meaning of the EU for the United Kingdom when the vote, there is no real understanding of the impact of voting for the future of the United Kingdom, but from their own feelings to make a choice.

after the withdrawal of the EU’s employment, income, pension, tax incentives

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