Tea franchise sales promotion skills inventory

tea chain stores have many ways to operate, such as promotion. Many franchisees are more and more emphasis on the role of sales promotion, good grasp of marketing methods, can help franchisees get a better profit. Hurry to contact us, do not worry about investment business, business is so worry.

1, consider what kind of promotion

should take what way discount, this is a lot of stores are often ignored, you do what is tea shop promotion theme, why do promotions, simply because the price discount does not increase consumer purchase motivation and frequency. Therefore, the way to adjust the promotion, stimulating consumption is the most important.

2, planning a good promotional period

The time period of

discount is not the longer the better, this is an important point in the process of operation, the promotion period is too long it will reduce consumer purchase decision immediately, under normal circumstances, control is appropriate in ten days or so, it takes into account both the consumers know the promotion of information, but also through for the time limit, encourage consumers to make purchase decision.

3, the degree of profit sharing

is to determine the degree of discount, the magnitude of profit sharing, both to attract customers, without losing profits. Of course, for the long-term backlog of goods, in order to return the funds, the degree of discount can be lower profits.

4, select the promotion time point

One of the key factors in the promotion of

is to choose the promotion time point. Now a lot of tea shops are 51, eleven, new year’s day, Spring Festival, these peak consumption, but all the stores are doing so, the effect will not be so obvious. Therefore, the production of special events and news to do promotional activities is worth digging deep. In fact, promotional activities did not win weapons, if every promotional activities can really benefit to the customer, the customer will receive a discount, you will enhance the natural tea brand in the minds of consumers, is very beneficial for the future development.

tea chain stores have many ways to operate, can not be ignored the role of sales promotion. How to do a good job of sales promotion, this is a great learning. The above is some advice for small forward, hoping to provide some reference for you to worry wealth quickly learning it, don’t be lazy!

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