Children photography shop location in the community

children’s photography industry development prospects are also worth looking forward to, if you want to invest in children’s photography franchise, then the location of the problem should pay attention to what matters? You can take a look at this experience sharing to see if you still have no place to think.

first, children’s photography stores in the community rent cheap. Now in the commercial street to rent a studio, a year rent at least 60000 yuan, the pressure is too big shopping center though the rent is relatively cheap, but for the start of a beginner, is still not a small burden, and the community shop, rent a 150 square meters of housing, a month the rent is only 6000 yuan, far lower than other regions.

secondly, closer to the target customers. Shopping centers, commercial street seems to flow, the real target customers are not many children. How about a children’s photography store, because of the so-called children’s photography studio, more for the children between 06 years old camera, which is the largest proportion of the age of 03, and the real often with the children of the age of 03 shopping is not much. The green environment in the community is good, the community, and even a lot of parents outside the community on the right to take the children here to take a walk, bask in the sun, target customers more concentrated. I once did a survey in the normal working day for example, at 10:11 in the morning, the number of potential customers can pass the children photography Museum shopping center in less than 100 people, and in the community, the number of at least 200 people, because this time, are the parents of the time with the children in the sun do outdoor activities. In addition, there is a kindergarten in the community, the number of children in 200 or so, they are also my potential customers.

third, cost province. A huge expenditure do photography business, is the location of the community environment and rental fees, I choose the elegant, green rate, especially suitable for filming, the most important thing is that this is free, do not need to pay any fees.

fourth, convenient parking. Now a lot of three families have private cars, and the community is very convenient parking, customers do not need to go far to the museum.

children’s photography store location is not very difficult, as long as a good grasp of some of the attention, do a good job site judgment, comprehensive advantages can be. Consider the location factor, consider the choice of address, so that the shop has a new start.

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