Listen to Tsinghua entrepreneurial male God talk about the initial business needs to pay attention t

each entrepreneurial talent is growing up from rookie novice. Experienced ups and downs, and eventually developed into a rich experience of experts. So for the first time entrepreneurs need to learn more forward, to avoid going on business detours.

"Tsinghua male god" Zhang Jianyou 6 years of successful entrepreneurial experience, and has served as a founding partner of Hui Shi investment. Now, he founded the nation’s largest public space – Nash space.

From the start to the

The most important

for three years

so on startup, must do enough psychological preparation, otherwise it will be very painful. Good state of mind, can let you in the most difficult time to live, not because of the small difficulties and give up, also won’t let you only focus on short-term interests, or even reduce moral standards.

choose the direction for many entrepreneurs, is not an easy thing. The most painful thing is always the choice. Some projects are you good at, some projects are you like, some projects are the market is good, which to choose?

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