How to recruit staff

shop naturally also need to recruit employees, however, how to recruit employees are plagued by a lot of shopkeepers. So, if you open a baby shop, how to recruit employees? Let me see small series to analyze.

baby is a part of the industry to guide the consumer, its sales requirements are relatively high, the salesperson should have enough knowledgeable, not only understand the product knowledge, but also to understand the parental knowledge. The industry has a saying: a successful guide is a qualified nursery teacher!

one, savvy better: the master led the door, practice by individuals. Training is only the training of the baby store salesperson to learn a marketing method, how to use, it is necessary to rely on her own flexibility.


affinity better: sales is a process of communication, and even if you have no customer communication opportunities, professional knowledge and knowledgeable are of no use.

three, mature and stable: if it is already a mother’s baby supplies store salesperson, she can be more convincing, you can experience the experience of the past to recommend to customers! But it must be a young mother, age difference is too big to resonate.

four, male clerk: business area of more than 50 square metres of baby supplies store can consider recruiting a male clerk, one is more likely to allow customers to have a sense of security; the two is male salesperson and customer communication from different angles; the three is some children like large lathe need male salesperson to operate.

problem is: savvy and good affinity and strong, and smart salesman reality is very small, if only from the quality of choice, the baby store operators to choose a better affinity.

there is the first principle is to recruit employees: not training principles. Baby supplies store to find the kind of people who can be used directly, do not hold the mentality of the slow training, because it will waste a lot of customers.

how the quality of the staff, skills, how to operate a store will have a very big influence on the return of the store’s profits naturally have a different impact. In short, if you want to open a hot business baby shop, but do not know how to recruit employees, these matters may be noted.

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