How to make slow moving cigarettes resurrection

any shop in the course of the sale will have a slow-moving products, smoke Hotel is the same, slow-moving cigarettes is a very normal thing. The mention of slow-moving cigarettes, a lot of cigarette retail customers are difficult to sell and sell can not afford to affect the flow of funds, storage time is likely to have a long lost. How to make slow-moving cigarettes move up to reduce the shop burden, improve the utilization of funds, retail customers may wish to try the following methods:

A note on the selling point of

. Each brand has its own characteristics, retail customers should keep in mind the selling points, features and highlights and other aspects of the slow selling cigarettes, especially with other tobacco differences. In this way, if the customer asked to be able to answer immediately, better reflect the seller’s professional and integrity, customers are more likely to trust.

display location for a change. Cigarette display cabinets tend to make some customers can not pay attention to the dark area or corner, and some simply do not let the slow selling cigarettes faceless, which is also an important reason for the slow sales of cigarettes. Most retail customers once a kind of cigarette smoke cabinet "Paibingbuzhen", will not easily change, this will allow the customer the habit of "aesthetic fatigue". Therefore, the retail customers deal with unsalable smoke special care, often to smoke slow-moving changing places, or is placed in the striking position, or on the best-selling cigarette side, allowing them to "bang a bang" selling cigarettes, increase sales opportunities.

give the customer a try. The reason why slow-moving cigarettes are unsalable, because some customers do not want to try, then retail customers should be distributed to customers in time to try to suck, so as to increase sales opportunities. Of course, try to suck in the recommended taste or other familiar customers are willing to accept new things under the premise of proper unpacking distribution in the chat, or stopping when buying cigarettes. Otherwise, it is easy to do the opposite.

reasonable inventory tube. Some retail customers tend to focus only on the management of best-selling cigarette stocks, ignoring the slow-moving tobacco stocks. It is suggested that special management should be carried out on the slow-moving tobacco stocks, and the situation of entering, selling and storing should be paid attention to.

unsalable smoke once formed, if be careless with this part of the product, may have been the liquidity surplus, the store will have a great influence. But if you can take these strategies above, the probability of "Resurrection" of slow-moving cigarettes may be great, and then help to bring greater profit returns.

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