Henan capital to create a joint office of the community to provide a platform for the development of

for some entrepreneurs, a good policy and business platform, is a very important thing, especially in modern society, at the same time, there are many places also actively provide good policies in many enterprises.

The National University Science and Technology Park in Zhengzhou City, a

by Henan Jinpeng Cci Capital Ltd and raise network cooperation in the establishment of incubators "tribes" for innovative entrepreneurs to provide business guidance, legal consulting, tax planning, equity planning, HR recruitment support, administrative support, the Research Institute, project docking, project investment, community activities, diversification of business services.

the "primitive" community as a whole, not only can carry out cross-border exchanges and cooperation between entrepreneurs, but also in rich and colorful community activities, to find their own entrepreneurial way buddy, can also help the entrepreneurial team butt single team in the community can not reach the external resources.

second characteristics: to provide innovative financial services to raise public.

third characteristics: students start the first station

Fourth characteristics: from the media business, mobile Internet new heights

In fact, the Henan


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