Small loans to open women’s business get rich door

in the absence of policy support, entrepreneurship has two very difficult to solve the problem, lack of funds and less technology. Many entrepreneurs will encounter these two problems, a hotel under the Gan village on Yu Fenglian has deep experience.

by the 100 thousand yuan loan provided by Yu Fenglian, the registered trademark very quickly for the cooperative production of agricultural products, agricultural products started visibility, improve the market competitiveness, members of cooperatives and the per capita income of nearly 4000 yuan.

and Yu Fenglian benefit from small loans and the Li Meihua bridge town pavilion. "Just built a shed that time, all the savings are spent, do not have to follow up on half of the funds, thanks to the small loans 100 thousand yuan interest free loans to help a lot!" The microfinance Zhangshu City Employment Bureau timely assistance, Li Meihua.

for entrepreneurship is difficult to solve the problem, Zhangshu City bring microfinance policy, is undoubtedly greatly reduces women’s entrepreneurship threshold, believe in the policy under the help of the women’s entrepreneurship advantage will be more and more obvious recommendation

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