To earn tuition to help students better selling cold noodle sales

set up a stall selling cold noodle can be a very good choice for many people to start their own business, but you have not wanted in this crowd some people is to make a living, there are people in your own life. And today we’re going to say that one of these people has to earn his tuition.

in the college entrance examination this year, the 17 year old He Xuesi admitted 615 points of mathematics and economics Xinancaida professional. However, after receiving the admission notice in July 26th, He Xuesi and his family was worried about nearly $7000 a year tuition.

2011, father of He Jiwen suffering from uremia after a kidney transplant, basically lost the ability to work, up to 400 thousand yuan, the cost of treatment not only ran out of savings at home, but also let the family bear the debt of about 200000 yuan. Last summer, the mother Yang Qihui in the hospital to do the operation of uterine fibroids and left a sequel, kidney failure, she can only rely on dialysis three times a week to maintain life. He Jiwen said that at present, the only source of income is the monthly minimum income of more than 300 yuan, there are still some relatives funding.

the admission notice in August 23rd, before the import fees must be specified account. To this end, the family around to find someone to borrow money. Finally, in August 21st, the family borrowed 6000 yuan from relatives, the tuition remitted to the school. To borrow money at the same time, He Xuesi decided to take to the streets selling cool cake, to raise a little tuition Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce. "To earn a little is to lighten the burden on the family." This is He Xuesi’s original idea.

high school teacher called for help

23 evening, CCTV financial channel "economic half-hour" column broadcast "raise tuition days", reported what Xue Si. "He bought a cake! Parents suffering from severe, college freshmen street stall earn tuition." That night, CCTV financial channel official micro-blog CCTV Finance issued an appeal to the community.

the CCTV report, quickly aroused the concern of caring people. He Xuesi said that CCTV announced his phone, he received a call from all over the country, are calling him and his family even expressed concern about the funding. "At present, there are at least dozens of hundreds of good people who expressed their willingness to help me, and some directly to my card number, the largest number of dollars per year to support my tuition and living expenses 10 thousand yuan."


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