The nternet makes Zhejiang’s economy leap again

Zhejiang is a place where a lot of entrepreneurs have been born, especially in the era of the Internet economy, the value of the information industry has gradually increased its proportion of the total value of economic development in Zhejiang. Internet entrepreneurship to achieve a new leap in Zhejiang’s economy.

A miniature

"dream town" is the Zhejiang Internet information economic development. Statistics show that in 2014, Zhejiang information technology development index reached 97.98, industrialization, information technology integration development index reached 86.26, ranking the country’s top third. From January to September this year, Zhejiang’s information economy core industry added value of 228 billion 800 million yuan, accounting for GDP ratio of up to $7.7%. Internet industry as the representative of the information economy has become a new engine of economic development in Zhejiang and new genes.

although has become the world’s star enterprise, but Ali only occupy Hangzhou total retail sales of social consumer goods 1/5. In Zhejiang, Internet companies have formed a matrix model with Ali as the leader, a hundred schools of thought contend, hundred flowers bloom. Among them, there are a number of vertical electric business platform "China Internet the first" Hi2000, the largest Internet advertising service provider of the first implementation of Chinese rock network alliance, business marketing model and profit youcan e-commerce…… Also includes around the aircraft carrier and frigate around, hundreds of thousands of small electricity providers, network operators and supporting enterprises.

in the presence of "dream town", life after 85 entrepreneurs Zhou Kunpeng and Zhejiang almost no intersection. The reason why the company installed two buses from Shanghai moved to Hangzhou, in addition to the town’s services in place, the most important thing is that there is a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere of the internet."

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