Zhao Chuanjun in chess as friends shop to create a wide of whole

if you want to make the shop more extensive contacts, so that the store business can be more popular, these are not sitting in the shop you can do, but also need to pay the owner. These efforts, in a lot of outsiders perhaps will become worthless. And in our retail customers, Zhao Chuanjun is one of the most "work", about two interviews, there is an empty head.

originally, our appointment, there is the same as the chess chess friends shouted to "shopping" to, third, has finally been "caught". According to her lover Li Fang, Zhao but the real chess, even if you put food on the table, one has to ask him to play chess, he do not eat rice can leave. Sometimes, I just saw him in the shop, but there was no shadow. In order to put his heart in the shop, Li Fang deliberately in front of the store to pick up a place, put the three chessboard, the purpose is to call others to come here to play chess, Zhao Shou shop here, but that is the case, one to play chess when you enter his business, he did not do any undivided attention. Under his chess.


is such a worthless man, but to do business better than the surrounding people. He is playing chess around is very famous, now will take two steps to a lot of people, there are a lot of master to "slip". While the Zhao who here playing chess, but business is particularly good, what is the reason it is so many people around will come to look lively.

people have a herd mentality, to see him outside the store shop are people, that there are any concessions, will be busy to come and see, many people will buy goods here. Through playing chess, he has accumulated a wide range of contacts around the District, the people in the boring, will the way to buy something and kill Zhao two, Zhao is also friendly, win will not say it on the face, is still very kind.

now, every day people are attracted to him here, there is the door to find him playing chess, some are about him out of playing chess, and some simply to tell him where the chess master met, want to ask Zhao to help him save face. He is certainly looking at all comers, busy people in business are Zhao to take care of yourself, so if something owed to others, not only yourself, take care of his business, but also help him in business.

in order to allow the business of the shop to be developed, and now many of the owners are really hollowed out in the business, but the effect is not necessarily ideal. But you see, some people thought the money can not dig hollow door, but he is not too on this one, but to do business youmoyouyang, you can not say that this is something.

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