Big cities and home entrepreneurs who are more willing to choose

the new era of entrepreneurs have a lot of opportunities, but also face many difficult choices. Entrepreneurship or employment? In the big cities or in the home to seek business opportunities? Every question makes entrepreneurs think deeply.

the so-called "vitality", like "the dry season, began a large number of African wildebeest migration", large animal migration, in order to find a material rich soil, can live better. Who is the same, to find a space for one person in more vigor and vitality, is a very lucky thing. Today, China, the two or three lines of the city quietly rising, the city of three or four lines are also developing. If you turn back, your hometown provides a good space for business or employment


north of Guangzhou stage will be greater development space for small   VS home

The high cost of living young people

unfamiliar   VS 

; opportune

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