Beauty salon winter how to do promotion

to the winter, many industries have entered the off-season, beauty salons are no exception, this time how to do a good job in the promotion of beauty salon? Winter promotion, in the choice of moisturizing products, but also can use a lot of small tricks. Let us look at the next winter the most popular beauty salon promotional methods which


eye-catching banners to attract customers

beauty salon can be close to the beauty of the electric pole, at the junction, through the way of hanging banners promotions, eye-catching and rendering. Available advertisements such as: "beauty from heaven, Quebec force at XX, a US investment, a gift of love, these slogans makes clear, but remember that a new, but does not necessarily have promotions before hanging banners.

consumer surprise promotions

general beauty salon will often discount promotions, such as two for one, bundling, but some consumers will think its value did not exceed the price. However, if the guests to the beauty salon, one day after the beautician with a number of gifts to knock on her door, and told her because of her consumption and gain this benefit, will make her feel surprised and affordable. At the end of the month can also be lucky consumers return amount, will let consumers feel surprise.

return next coupon

beauty salon guests consumption amount, the corresponding return to the guest list, to consumers that this coupon site cannot be used to be deducted from the next consumer, also can accumulate several times after the visitors put new products.

through the decoration to marketing

beauty salon kitchen window transform, indoor space adjustment, seasonal color updates, carefully arranged small ornaments, often give a person find everything fresh and new feeling. Merchant presented POP hanging flags, display racks, etc.. Interior design is usually the beauty salon will choose this several decoration: such as big goldfish placed products from algae; sand, stone lining placed candles, coffee products; violin, silk placed products; Tang, song CELADON JADE, red flowers and green leaves, dynamic display products, gypsum as side product placement. The product is not much, but in essence, there is texture.

small concessions impress customers

beauty salon in the face of the old customers, in the end of her consumption after a small part of the money or to give more than a commodity, in order to allow customers to take care of this small feeling. Similar to a special period of time abroad to the mall, in a limited amount of time to take away how much fun promotion.

joint marketing

beauty salon and nearby businesses, such as cooperation with the wedding photo studio

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