Pastry shop blossom everywhere why the whole

have found that now people pursue is a kind of "fashion and healthy consumption, which makes a lot of food items are towards the innovation direction of diversification, take the cake change, with the diversification of pastry shop is coffee, pastries, snacks, ice cream and other products, the formation of a new product series of one-stop consumption and diversified mode of operation, to bring customers a different choice and constantly fresh experience, has become a new specialty pastry industry"".

pastry shop everywhere why? The main points are as follows:

market demand pastry shop everywhere

walk in the street, you will find that more and more bakery shops, traditional cakes into the field of vision. Reporters rough calculations, there is a single house more than and 10 large and small pastry shop, pastry industry has formed a "everywhere" trend.

cake industry threshold is low and easy to operate, there are small workshops also have exquisite stores, especially the bakery industry, as an emerging industry, the market potential in our city is very large." Municipal Food and Drug Administration food production supervision section chief Yang Guanshan said that the city currently has a total of more than and 10 pastry production enterprises, more than 60 registered pastry shop, and every year there will be additional data. Pastry industry belongs to the people’s livelihood, fast consumer, affected by the economic situation is not large, so in recent years, the development of the future, the future only prominent characteristics of the store, the quality of heavy reputation, in order to symbiotic prosperity.

Zhang Yiru, director of

flange cake shop, said the size of the city’s pastry industry continues to expand, the huge market demand is the main reason for the rapid development of the industry. Regardless of the richness of the product, or the skills of the production process, the city’s baking industry has been in the forefront of the country, which is rare in a county-level city. At the same time, our city pastry industry business situation also diversified into ordinary, chain stores and supermarkets have been settled, can not meet the market demand, the longitudinal extension of business model, will also be the pastry industry into a new era of diversification.

diversified business model to create new business opportunities

with the diversification of consumer demand for food, pastry market segmentation is imperative. The city’s pastry industry from the low-end parity store transition to the mass consumer stores, and then to the high-end product store development, the total amount of expansion, while industry competition and service levels are also rising. In the business category, from single to bread cakes, desserts and drinks and coffee, some stores also set up a booth and leisure zone.

In recent years, with the development of

, beam master cake shop in the cake market, that peer eyebrows, has become a classic case of the baking industry diversified development. Reporter interview

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