Beauty health industry money King unlimited

with the improvement of living standards, people’s spiritual life has been greatly improved, but also pay more attention to the maintenance of health beauty. Beauty industry is a sunrise industry, in the face of the current trend, many people see the business opportunities. So, how many start-up funds to open a beauty salon? What about earnings prospects?

Lu Jingping is a member of the

"seven location, three business". Lu Jingping said, the reason why the location to speak in the first place, because a good store, the choice of location is very important, most can not be ignored, the location error is equal to the failure of investment, for the beauty salon, the passenger is bonanza, must do market investigation before shop. According to Lu Jingping to open his own experience of beauty salons have three location.

second strokes, select the business district. Business district population flow is relatively stable, the region of the target population for more stable income white-collar workers or public institutions, in the area of women literacy is relatively high, tend to pursue the quality of life, psychological attributes of consumption are also grade, characteristics.

Third, select the upscale residential district. In this region, living in crowded and stable, economic condition and consumption capacity of the region’s population is relatively stable, there is a high requirement of the standard of living, do not need to travel long distances, can be the nearest consumption in the area, saves time and labor.

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