Entrepreneurship crooked ideas to help you succeed in business

money is difficult, difficult business, business opportunities are hard to find, actually good ideas often on your side, aware of its existence, you will be from success.

TOP01 quit bar

bar is an eternal idea, the bar focuses on creativity.

modern people more and more advocate health * live, if open a smoking cessation theme of the warm bar.

requirements: style warm, personalized strong. Personally think that the family environment is better.

signs bright, emphasizing warmth, such as the word can be added before the red heart.

to do a good job in favor of smoking cessation of food packaging sales, the effect is good, then to the market.

location problem, commercial street or large hotel.

promotion problem: This is particularly important. Can find professional advertising agency.

TOP02 pet nursery

has a dog friend recently asked me if he wanted his dog, very cute dog, I asked him why not? He said no way to go to work no one to take care of it. So I thought, can be a pet nursery. You can also teach the dog trainer to teach some simple manners, with pet clinics, pet food.

TOP03 retro restaurant

in a number of monuments or tourist attractions to open a retro restaurant. The waiters all changed into small ones. Then sell some homely fare, the staff are wearing the costume. With some of those previously heard what ah, what Flower Drum Opera Sichuan Opera (live performance).

TOP04 "rent" money

don’t let the child ask you: what

meters long?

is now the city’s children in rural areas rarely, textbooks or parents say to him is not good enough to let them know what kind of food is one thing.

in the outskirts of coarse land, contracted to the city people. Provide the seeds and help them when they are not. And then take the food to the customers themselves. Take the children to the farm on the weekend, or with a lover of coarse land, like taking care of their children to take care of the seeds, the harvest of the kind of happiness, but how much money can not buy back.

At the same time,

can also provide farmhouse style leisure entertainment.

TOP05 et al club

had seen a difficult information about others, it was proposed to open such a small shop. Of course, this is just an idea, specifically how profitable, we can discuss the discussion.

in the name of others, open a business friendly nature of the club is not bad.

TOP06 marriage treatment shop

modern marriage is getting weaker and weaker, and this is often seen in marriage

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