How do the off season promotion can achieve satisfactory effect the whole


season shops do not worry about the business, the customer will run their own home, however, almost any business will have a peak seasons, once in the off-season, you need to do some promotional activities to promote sales, so as to achieve satisfactory results. The hot summer is the traditional retail sales season, how to spend this period has been a test of the wisdom of retailers.

I think that the retailer friends may wish to vigorously promotion, the reason is the low season to the same industry mostly dormant and a lot less competition, this time if you engage in off-season promotions, might stimulate the sluggish market environment and create more benefits. So, how to do off-season promotion, to achieve satisfactory results? In this paper, I simply use four words to sum up: potential, Hui, faith, love.

is a potential". This "potential" refers to the promotional atmosphere. In the off-season sales to make money, to attract consumer attention, and actively participate in, the key is to build the "potential", to let your stores have a "feeling, so as to improve the stand head and shoulders above others" the attention of customers, increase the impression caused by customer shopping interest. Of course, it is also necessary to maximize the dissemination of information activities, so that consumers understand the situation and intensity of promotional activities, in order to promote the off-season to do a good job of sales performance.

two is "Hui"". Is affordable, so that consumers feel that there are real cheap. The off-season promotion is in order to maximize the promotion of sales, in order to achieve this goal, in promotions, try to choose to let consumers see to get affordable, maximize the benefit to the customer, let them taste the "sweetness", improve their satisfaction and loyalty, to form a good reputation effect and repeat purchase rate and even expand consumer groups. Because consumers are very particular about the benefits, only to allow consumers to feel really accounted for the retailer’s cheap, then the final sales is no longer a difficult thing.

three is a letter". The so-called "letter", that is honest, credible. Sales promotion usually involves activities to buy gifts, price, and other promotional offers, some retailers may take some unfair means, take some defective goods to buy gifts, discounts, or raise prices after the price cuts and other bad promotional activities, to seek ill-gotten gains. You know, integrity is the basis for the survival and development of retail stores, do not simply improve the quality of sales and reduce the quality of the goods, do not deceive consumers, do not lift the stone hit his feet. Only do good promotion, in order to improve the loyalty of the consumer to your shop, in order to "money".

four is love". This "love" refers to the promotion of human touch. Emotion is a gentle knife, but consumers in this gentle knife in front, often willing to be slaughtered, a specific time and even be slaughtered also applauded. Therefore, in the promotion, the retailer is not as good as "warm" directly to the consumer

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