How to get consumers favor catering business Business

service industry is always the king of consumers, no matter how to do marketing can not be separated from this point, how to get the natural goodwill of customers, is your first consideration. Customers have a good impression of your restaurant, become your loyal customers, is the key to the success of the restaurant business. Because both the establish a reputation, stable customers, or a brand, the development of enterprises, to win customers favor, deepen the restaurant in the minds of consumers a good impression, is crucial, known as the "senior management strategies of emotion management".

food and beverage business how to get consumers

1, remember the customer’s name, identity and habits.

can make the customer feel the attentive, considerate and respect of the restaurant service, so as to increase the customer’s trust in the restaurant.

2, etiquette to scale.

restaurant service etiquette has strict norms, but also pay attention to the time and manner appropriate, too cumbersome and considerate, but also sometimes counterproductive. For example, the customer requirements of yourself, and the waiter to waiter to keep in accordance with the standard greeting, will cause customer dissatisfaction.

3, the customer is always right.

this is a famous Chinese and foreign food service industry is very popular. The restaurant’s purpose is to make the customer satisfaction to obtain economic benefits, rather than with the customer, identify non competitive killer. Therefore, the food and beverage service industry generally have such a requirement for each fee should let customers understand.

4, the customer is most afraid of the restaurant secretly under the knife off.

customers are not afraid to spend money, but money is not clear who is not willing to, for example, most restaurants offer free tea service, tea service and some restaurants should be charged, but these requirements in the customer service restaurant tea is not said to the checkout, but there was a lot of tea expensive, often caused by this dispute.

5, refused to force sales.

some waiters in order to improve sales, and constantly to sell dishes to customers, and even always sell high-end dishes, which is the most objectionable practices, so that the main reason for the loss of tourists. While some restaurants require the waiter to take the initiative to explain the amount of restaurant food to customers, and according to the number of customers to remind customers that the food has been almost enough to eat, and more easily wasted, but the source and sales rose.

6, learn to think from the customer’s point of view.

this is a business operator

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