Entrepreneurship to understand what five points

is now a lot of people to start a business is a kind of behavior to follow the trend, to see others make money, so they want to do. However, one is not enough to understand the business, and secondly, it may not be their own efforts, or business opportunities are not correct, leading to the success of the industry has been a very big impact. In fact, you want to succeed in business also need to learn more content, here Xiaobian only emphasize five points. So, entrepreneurship to understand what five points?

1, entrepreneurship should have enough resources.

a lot of people in the first venture, are very scarce resources. Lack of resources, so that the probability of success of the enterprise to reduce, but to have a fully adequate resources is impossible. In terms of resources, in general, to meet two conditions: first, to have access to an industry of the least resources, on the other hand is to have differentiated resources. If any conditions are not available, the possibility of success is small.

entrepreneurial resources include several aspects:

business resources: what is the mode of making money;

customer resources: who to buy;

technical resources: what to win the trust of customers?

management resources: how to operate;

financial resources: is there enough start-up capital;


industry experience resources: information and knowledge of the industry accumulation;

and industry access conditions: some industries have some policy protection and restriction, need to enter the qualification;

the human resources condition: if there is a suitable talent.

more than 100% of the resources entrepreneurs do not need to have, but at least some of them should have some important conditions, other conditions can be obtained through market-oriented approach. If the entrepreneur has enough financial resources, other resources can also make up for the lack of; if there is sufficient customer resources, the lack of other resources is also easy to change.

2, think carefully before starting

before starting to seriously think about, repeated assessment, consider mature and then action. In addition to adequate resource preparation, psychological preparation is the most important. The following aspects of the problem, it is worth thinking about.

why do I want to start a business? Is there enough determination and willingness to take risks? The past is willing to give up the benefits?


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