Babel withdrew from the running man little meat Luhan will replace

is now the major TV have launched many programs every year in different variety, to satisfy the audience’s needs, since the last two years the number of relatively hot should "run," brothers, since since the program launch is very popular.

Luhan supplement bordered Bao Beier salei farewell

Add "run," Babel brothers, in the cause of a step further, according to the report, from March this year announced to join "run," brother, to the April public appearance, Babel price has doubled ten times. Visible run man on the cause of great help. At the same time, Babel also upgraded to daddy happy.

"run, brothers" second season ended, "run team" lineup changes came to raise a Babel of criticism of. One of the most widely circulated, than Babel will be Luhan replaced, and this change and Luhan is the title sponsor of the third quarter spokesmen are not unrelated. Yesterday afternoon, this rumor was finally sit real. Analysts believe that this time Babel initiative to quit, both to the Zhejiang satellite TV to stay face, but also for future cooperation between the two sides left room.

"thank you super brother, when I feel the most difficult, you help me to tell me how to be a good person. Thank you, baby. When someone attacked me, you were the first one to stand up for me. Thank you, Li Chen. It’s you who let me know what power is. Thank you, Hector, every time I have something, you are the first to come out and stand by my side. Thank you, your heart is like an angel. You make everyone happy. Thank you, Zheng Kai

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